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How to perform brake system maintenance


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How to perform brake system maintenance

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  Maintenance of the brake system is often overlooked by the owner, which is likely to cause brake failure due to sudden failure. Therefore, the maintenance expert reminds you that only the maintenance and maintenance of the brake system can ensure the normal operation of the brake system, thus ensuring safe driving.
  As a key component in the system, the maintenance and replacement of brake pads (hoof), brake fluid, and brake disc (drum) are the top priority in brake safety maintenance.
  Brake pad replacement
  It is generally recommended that the brake pads be replaced in the vehicle for 3-4 million kilometers. Generally, the brake pads (hoof) must be replaced at the same time as the front or rear axles, that is, the left and right 4 pieces of the front brake pads (hoofs) must be replaced at the same time, and the left and right 4 pieces of the rear brake pads (hoofs) must be replaced at the same time. Usually, we use the brake warning light on the instrument panel to illuminate as the basis for judging whether the brake pads (hoofs) should be replaced, but there are exceptions. Some cars are bright when the brake pads (hoofs) have completely worn out the warning lights. Start. At this time, the metal base of the brake pad and the brake disc are already in the iron-iron state, and the molten iron is seen on the edge of the tire near the rim. Therefore, check the brake pads for each maintenance and replace the brake pads near the bottom line of life.
  Brake oil replacement
  Generally speaking, the vehicle normally travels 40,000 kilometers or the brake oil is used continuously for more than 2 years. The brake oil is easily deteriorated due to long use time. The brake oil should not be reused. When you step on the brake pedal, the brakes become not found. Sensitive, in these cases need to change the brake oil in time. Brake oil is a key part of the car's brake system, which is related to the safety of the owner. Pay attention to the following three points when using brake oil: (1) Do not mix brake oil of different types and brands; (2) When the brake oil absorbs moisture or has impurities, it should be replaced or filtered in time, otherwise the brake pressure will be insufficient. Affect the braking effect; (3) If the brake is light and heavy during normal driving, the brake oil should be replaced in time, and the brake system should be cleaned with alcohol before replacement.
Brake disc (drum) inspection and replacement
  In general, the brake disc (drum) is replaced by 80 to 120,000 kilometers of the vehicle. In normal maintenance, the brake disc (drum) must be replaced at the same time as the front or rear axle, that is, the left and right front discs (drums) must be replaced at the same time. The left and right brake discs (drums) must be replaced at the same time. The replacement of the brake disc (drum) is determined by the wear condition and the frequency of replacement.
  In the entire brake system, the control system, the power assist system, and the electronic control system are all durable parts. Only in the event of a fault, maintenance is required, and only daily inspection is required.