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What steps are required to replace the brake pads


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What steps are required to replace the brake pads

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  The brake pads need to be replaced after a long period of use or when they are in use. Today, the Shandong brake pad manufacturer will introduce you to its seven replacement steps.
  1) Loosen the handbrake and loosen the hub screw of the wheel that needs to be braked (note that it is loosened, do not completely unscrew it). Use a jack to top the car. Then remove the tire. Before moving the brakes, it is best to use a special brake cleaning fluid to spray on the brake system to prevent powder from entering the respiratory tract and affecting health.
  2) Remove the screws of the brake caliper (for some cars, just unscrew one of them and then loosen the other)
  3) Hang the brake caliper with a rope to avoid damage to the brake circuit. Then remove the old brake pads.
  4) Push the brake piston back to the innermost position using a c-clamp. (Please note that before this step, lift the hood and unscrew the cover of the brake oil tank, because the liquid level of the brake fluid will rise as the top brake piston). Install the new brake pads.
  5) Replace the brake caliper and tighten the caliper screw to the required torque. Replace the tire and tighten the hub screws slightly.
  6) Lower the jack and tighten the hub screws thoroughly.
  7) Because in the process of changing the brake pads, we put the brake piston to the inside, and it will be empty when we first start to brake. It will be fine after a few steps.