radiator FOR Bentley Mulsanne S 6.8L V8 1987-92 ;Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 86-88


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Vehicle Notes: ALL TRANSMISSION Core Size (in) approx: 40MM- 2Rows. Core and Tank: ALL ALUMINUM Weight (lbs) approx: 15






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    • Commodity name: radiator FOR Bentley Mulsanne S 6.8L V8 1987-92 ;Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 86-88
    • Commodity ID: 1054059749017739264
    • Vehicle Type: Mulsanne S 6.8L V8 1987-92 ;Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 86-88

    Vehicle Notes: ALL TRANSMISSION Core Size (in) approx: 40MM- 2Rows. Core and Tank: ALL ALUMINUM Weight (lbs) approx: 15

    Product Information

    • We supply PREMIUM QUALITY all aluminum radiator and silicone hose kit, oil cooler, intercooler and kit for racing auto and sports auto bike.
    • We promise that all our products are made of the best materials and advanced manufacture technique. All our products are 100% fully tested to ensure top quality.
    • All manufactured in a brand new state of the art facility with the same manufacturing process that OEM companies use.
    • This radiator is heavy duty designed, comes with 2 row 40mm thick core, can support engine power up to 300HP.
    • The core of the radiator is welded in vacuum brazing furnace, no epoxy. The tanks are 100% welded by TIG.
    • The material of the radiators is the same as aircraft manufacture material.


    • Premium Quality. 100% quality assurance tested
    • Brand New. Never used or factory buy outs.
    • All Genuine. Our Photos are the actual photos of the products you are buying. We never copy from another company’s catalog or website.
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    • Vehicle Notes: ALL TRANSMISSION
    • Core Size (in) approx: 40MM- 2Rows.
    • Core and Tank: ALL ALUMINUM
    • Weight (lbs) approx: 15

    Vehicle Fits

    • Bentley Mulsane S 1987-1992 ,Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 1986-1988

      Bentley Eight (SCBZS8009HCX20006 - SCBZE02B1JCX24497) 
      Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine (SCAZN02AXHCX20518 - SCAZX02A3JCX23194) 
      Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine (SCAZX00A8JCH23441 - SCAZX00A8JCH23441) 
      Bentley Mulsanne (SCBZS0000HCH20013 - SCBZS0004HCX21999) 
      Bentley Mulsanne SL (SCBZN00A3JCH24028 - SCBZN00A3JCH24028) 
      Bentley Mulsanne SL (SCBZN00A6JCH22239 - SCBZN00A2JCX22493) 
      Bentley Mulsanne S (SCBZS02B3JCX21058 - SCBZS00A8JCH23188) 
      Bentley Mulsanne S (SCBZS02B6JCX23256 - SCBZS00A0JCH24481) 
      Bentley Mulsanne L (SCBZN000XHCX20069 - SCBZN0003HCH21373) 
      Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit (SCAZS0002HCH20003 - SCAZS00A0JCH23190) 
      Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit (SCAZS00A5JCH23248 - SCAZS02A4JCX24496) 
      Rolls-Royce Silver Spur (SCAZN0009HCX20004 - SCAZN02A4JCX23209) 
      Rolls-Royce Silver Spur (SCAZN02A9JCX23268 - SCAZN02A9JCX24503) 
      Bentley Turbo RL (SCBZN0T03HCX20068 - SCBZN0TA8JCH23162) 
      Bentley Turbo RL (SCBZN0TA0JCX23234 - SCBZN0TA4JCH23935) 
      Bentley Turbo R (SCBZR03A1KCH23218 - SCBZR03A1KCH23218) 
      Bentley Turbo R (SCBZS0T03HCX20001 - SCBZS0TA9JCX23161) 
      Bentley Turbo R (SCBZS0TA3JCH23224 - SCBZS0TA3JCH23854) 


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    • Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 86-88

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